CCM Tacks AS 580 Junior Shoulder Pads

CCM Tacks AS 580 Junior Shoulder Pads

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The CCM Tacks AS 580 Shoulder Pads are absolutely ideal for the competitive player seeking maximum coverage and mobility without breaking the bank. It's built with a Flex Motion front panel that provides exceptional mobility to give players an unlimited range of motion while keeping the protection properly in place.

CCM built the AS 580 with a hybrid shield sternum that consists of compressed molded EVA foam, molded plastic, and a ventilated base that provides solid protection and breathability for that competitive player. Other protection includes JDP shoulder caps for elite-level impact dispersion and a compressed molded plastic spine guard for great coverage when battling along the boards or in front of the net.

Enhanced mobility was designed into the clavicle and shoulder blade protection, which features floating arches to ensure players can dish out a big hit while being able to achieve a full range of motion in other game scenarios. Adjustment features include the belly and bicep guards for an improved fit while the sublimated polyester liner efficiently handles sweat and moisture throughout the game.

Level of Play Performance
Fit Profile High Profile: Maximum Coverage and Protection
Weight 1008 grams (Senior MD)
Heritage Tacks 9060 / Tacks 5092 / Tacks 4052 / Reebok 16K KFS
Model Number SPAS580
Available Sizes JR SM, JR MD, JR LG

ASD Construction
'Anatomical Shield Design' follows the body's natural shape which ensures the best protection and coverage for your game while enhancing comfort and mobility.
JDP Technology
Standing for Joint Dispersion Protection, this unique design deflects heavy impact energy away from the joints and into the surrounding foam! This is a pro-preferred technology amongst NHL players today and provides players with elite-level contact protection.


Sternum Vent-Tech Hybrid Shield
Front Panel Standard Foam
Belly Guard EVA Foam, Removable
Spine Guard Compressed Molded Plastic
Rear Panel Standard Foam
Shoulder Caps JDP Technology, Molded Plastic, Standard Foam
Bicep Guards Molded Plastic, Standard Foam
Collarbone Plastic Inserts, Dense Foam, Floating


Front Panel Flex Motion
Rear Panel 1-Piece
Biceps Length Adjustable, Floating
Liner Sublimated Polyester


Torso 2" Elastic Nylon
Biceps 1" Length Adjustable Strap, 1.5" Elastic Nylon Bicep Strap