Skate Sharpening Services

$10/pair for any hollow

We can sharpen your hockey or figure skates to your desired hollow. We sharpen skates by hand and check every skate for an even and sharp edge. It is $10 to sharpen skates and it usually takes 5 minutes per pair. If you're unsure if your skates need to be sharpened, we can check them for you and show you how you can make sure you always have a sharp edge.

We recommend arriving early and giving yourself extra time in case their is a line of skates.

$15/pair for new skates

New skates rarely come pre-sharpened or level and must be sharpened before first use. Brand new skates or blades/runners are $15 unless purchased through us in which case it is free. New blades are first cross ground to make sure the blade is parallel to the skate, then the desired hollow is cut. New blades/skates usually take 10 minutes to sharpen.

We recommend arriving early and giving yourself extra time in case their is a line of skates.


  • Deeper cuts allow for more control and faster transitions, but you'll need more effort to go in a straight line.
  • Shallow cuts glide more and therefore you'll be faster in a straight line, but you won't have as much grip side to side
  • 1/2" is the standard because it's a good middle ground (highlighted red section is the most common cuts for our ice)

Size and strength

  • The bigger you are, the more you're effected by your hollow. A 250lb adult may get a shallow cut like 5/8, but a small teenager may opt for 3/8, in the end they will experience the same amount of grip.
  • If you take large strides, shallow cuts will help you keep your momentum.
  • Feel free to try out different hollows to find your ideal setup, it wont hurt your blade at all

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