CCM Tacks 310 Helmet Combo

CCM Tacks 310 Helmet Combo

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The CCM Tacks 310 hockey helmet combo is designed for both comfort and fit, with many top technologies included for this price point. With the Tacks line, CCM has committed to offering high-level helmets with a look and feel that any level of player will appreciate.

  • D30 Smart Material for enhanced protection
  • I.Q.Shion Memory Foam for elite comfort
  • Tool free adjustment for a premium fit
  • Pro preferred shell for impact absorption

The Tacks 310 with cage includes many high-end features that are found in the top-of-the-line 710 model, like D30 Smart Material. These rate-sensitive foam pods are positioned on the temples  in the 310, providing extra impact support for a key area of the head. CCM partners this technology with the I.Q.Shion foam liner. This memory foam offers an elite level of comfort thanks to its high-end materials and moisture wicking channels around the forehead which help to divert sweat during your intense games and practices. And for the base liner, CCM uses a multi-density VN foam for added impact protection.

The Tacks 310 includes a tool free adjustment on the back of the helmet for a personalized fit. This simple adjustment mechanism allows you to expand or contract the helmet along the occipital bone, locking the padding and shell in place for the proper fit. A helmet, like any piece of protective gear, must fit correctly if the protective and comfort features are to function as intended. With this easy-to-use adjustment system on the 310, you can ensure that you’ve got the right fit before stepping on the ice.

For the helmet shell, CCM has used a two-piece design with a pro-preferred look. The unique geometry helps to further absorb impacts, while the style and look of the helmet is appreciated by professionals and casual players alike. The shape, comfort features, and protective technologies of this helmet all combine to maximize protective capabilities.

A CCM cage is also included in this model. The Tacks 310 features the FM680 facemask, with a Gunmetal color and thin flat wires. These alloy bars are designed to provide you with maximum visibility. And the chin cup on this cage uses multi-density foam for a high level of comfort, while also providing water management and protection.

Scientists indicate that brain injuries and concussions are mainly due to linear and rotational accelerations of the brain. No hockey helmet can prevent or eliminate the risk of head injury, including concussions, but a properly fitting helmet with protective features is crucial to limiting injuries of all kinds on the ice. The CCM Tacks 310 helmet offers high-end technologies for any player looking for a quality helmet at a great value.