CCM Tacks 9040 Senior Skates

CCM Tacks 9040 Senior Skates

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The CCM Tacks 9040 ice hockey skate is an excellent option for the recreational skater, or the new-to-hockey athlete still developing a skating stride, or maybe just learning how to skate. Its forgiving boot helps the novice skater adjust to life on the blades, and its ultra-low price point will leave the recreational or new-to-hockey player plenty of extra cash for hot chocolate.

  • Pre-sharpened, non-removable runners for convenient performance
  • Injected plastic outsole for flexible stability
  • Injected mesh boot for comfortable control
  • Thermo-moldable interior foams for custom comfort
  • 5mm tongue for comfort and protection
  • Microfiber liner for soft, dry comfort

The Tacks 9040 skate runners are non-removable, but offer the convenience of a pre-sharpened blade. As soon as you get them home, you’re ready to hit the pond or rink. The runners fit into the SpeedBlade Pro holder, a similar holder to what the pros use. The holder is connected to an injected plastic outsole. The outsole has some give, unlike high-end outsoles that are very stiff.

The outsole works well with the injected mesh quarter package. Even though this is a recreational-level skate, the boot offers a good amount of stiffness and stability for longer-lasting durability—handy for individuals just learning how to skate. The boot supports the ankles for better performance, but is not so stiff the skater will experience the discomfort of ankle abrasions.

The inside foams are thermo-moldable, so they will match the foot’s natural curvature after the baking process, for a comfortable, personalized fit. The tongue is a 5mm, two-piece, white felt model with lots of thickness for comfort and protection over the top of the foot. The brushed microfiber liner is soft to the touch and helps wick away moisture and sweat from the skater’s foot for plenty of dry comfort.

Like all Tacks skates, the 9040 is a medium-volume skate. Players with a standard width in the toe, forefoot, and heel will like the feel of the Tacks line of skates.

The Tacks 9040 ice hockey skate is a great all-around skate for the recreational skater who simply wants to get out on the ice and have some fun with the kids or their friends, or who might be learning how to skate. It’s a comfortable and affordable skate with a forgiving boot, sure to make the afternoon out an enjoyable one.