CCM RibCor Pro3 PMT Intermediate Stick

CCM RibCor Pro3 PMT Intermediate Stick

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The CCM RibCor Pro3 PMT ice hockey stick is designed for the elite-level player who demands a lightning-quick shot release, but without the sticker shock you’d expect in a high-end stick.

  • Enhanced Pop Matrix technology for improved energy transfer and shot release
  • RibCor low kick-point for increased ease and shot quickness
  • C6 carbon fiber for all-around stiffness and improved durability
  • Ascent Blade 2 for optimized puck feel and lighter weight
  • X-Flow shaft technology for better fiber compaction and shaft integrity
  • New INT geometry for better stick control and comfort

The Pro3 stick features CCM’s new INT stick geometry that was designed with the help of elite women’s hockey players and a broad sampling of competitive youth players. The result is a shaft with rounded corners and slightly concave sidewalls, giving the elite-level player better stick control and a more comfortable feel in the hands.

The shaft on the Pro3 has been upgraded from the previous PMT model with CCM’s new Enhanced Pop Matrix technology. This optimized construction keeps performance fibers in permanent tension, while the shaft corners help to protect them. The transition into the unique RibCor geometry has been re-engineered to provide a more efficient and seamless energy transfer, in order to maximize bending and the speed of release.

The material throughout the shaft and the blade is CCM’s high-grade C6 carbon fiber, which offers exceptional all-around stiffness and strength through the entire stick for improved durability. In particular, the Ascent Blade 2, a blade that features a tactile surface for a heightened puck feel, is now even lighter thanks to the carbon fiber, giving players a better balanced feel in the hands. 

The C6 carbon fiber weave makes the blade durable and responsive. The blade heel is relatively soft but grows increasingly stiffer toward the toe, which is very stiff. The stiff toe helps provide a super-quick shot response that is more accurate because the blade face does not open up.

The C6 is also central to the new X-Flow shaft technology, now with a higher ratio of carbon fibers compared to previous generations. This improved molding technique allows for much better fiber compaction. The shaft contains less excess resin and fewer voids, improving the stick’s durability while reducing its overall weight. This also optimizes the classic RibCor low kick-point for increased ease and quickness in shot releases. The enhanced flex zone in the shaft’s upper third allows players to store even more energy.

The new RibCor Pro3 PMT offers impressive performance features for the serious athlete who isn’t willing or able to spend top dollar for a hockey stick. The C6 carbon fiber, new taper, and X-Flow shaft technology combine to make the Pro3 PMT stick an attractive option for the elite-level hockey player.