CCM Jetspeed FT370 Senior Shin Pads

CCM Jetspeed FT370 Senior Shin Pads

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The CCM JetSpeed FT370 Shin Guard boasts an upgraded protection package that provides ample protection for intermediate to advanced level play. The calf wrap features a molded PE shell for solid impact protection and guides the length-adjustable calf strap. Simply re-locate the internal mounting velcro to shorten or lengthen the strap for the perfect fit for any calf size.

Picking up where the QLT Line left off, the FT370 uses CCM's anatomically-shaped shell and knee design. This provides a more snug-to-the-body feel and a lower profile than a traditionally-boxy shin guard. It is also well ventilated and has a bottom lip foam wrap to help prevent wear-and-tear on a skate's liner.

Inside, the FT370 shin guard sports CCM's premium laminated liner. This removable, red section propels moisture away from the body and out of the pad for maximum comfort and dryness. The nylon reinforced knee strap also has this laminated material for 360-degree comfort.

  • Protection:
    • Anatomically-shaped PE shell and knee 
      • Vented front for direct airflow through the pad
      • Strategically designed for players that like to wear their shin guards under or over their skate tongue 
    • Molded PE Shell Calf Wrap
      • Provides high-end protection while the medium-density foam on the underside enhance comfort  
    • PE Foam with an injected PE insert Knee Wing
      • Better protection for a key part of the leg
    • Medium-density PE Foam 
      • Flexible, lightweight protection
      • Found in lower thigh guard and around knee
  • Liner:
    • Removable Laminated Liner
      • CCM's premier liner material that is extremely comfortable, soft and moisture-repelling
      • Thick low-density, internal foams
    • Bottom of the shell is wrapped with closed-cell foam to prevent wear-and-tear on the liner of the skates
  • Fit/Mobility:
    • Lightweight, low-profile for the crafty player looking for minimal size and maximum mobility 
    • Hinge System
      • Kneecap and shin guard connected on sides by hinged design 
        • Provides good mobility and prevents gaps in protection between the knee and the shin 
    • 2-Strap system
      • 1" padded and laminated nylon knee strap (with quick-release tab)
      • 3" adjustable elastic calf strap
        • Customizable length adjustment allows for a perfect fit for all calf sizes