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Warrior QRE ST Intermediate Stick


The Warrior Covert QRE ST Grip Senior comes in weighing in at 491 grams, making it a competitive stick regarding weight. The appearance of this stick takes a bold approach. At the top it starts with an orange color with a blue QR logo. Moving down towards the middle of the stick the shaft is a light blue color with a dark blue Covert logo. Moving to the bottom of the stick, Warrior went with the orange again with a dark blue Warrior logo. The redesigned taper of the Covert QRE ST Grip Senior goes hand in hand with the SoftCore X Foam Core constructed blade. This material is 20% lighter and more responsive than its predecessor. Warrior’s Covert QRE ST Grip Senior features Warrior’s popular low kick-point. This stick is optimized for players who take quick wrist shots right around the hashmarks.

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