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COVID Changes

Skate Sharpening

                Please provide the date and time you would like to drop off, pick up your skates and how you would like your skates sharpened. A skate sharpening ticket will be made up for your pair of skates that will be used to pick up your skates at the time requested. Paying for your sharpening is easier now more than ever! We have payment options for you to choose up on our website at Once there, you will click the drop-down bar and select the “Store Services” tab. From there you will choose the appropriate skate sharpening to pay for your skates. Once your skates are finished, they will either be kept in the store for the skater to pick them up, or we will bring them out to you when they are complete. Please be sure to call the rink or the pro shop at 610-458-9160 (Pro shop extension 101) upon arrival to pick up your skates.

Order Pick Ups

                With the Exton Kings season starting, we have been completing and filling orders constantly. We understand with the current procedures of the rink it is difficult for the parents to come into the store to pick up an order. Please know we will do our best to accommodate to you as the customer and the rink’s policies. The player is always welcome to pick up the order on their way into the rink for practice or as they leave. Otherwise we will be happy to step outside to deliver your order to you. You should have received a phone call and/or an email about the items that are available to be picked up. Again, the best way to receive your order would be to contact the manager at to set up a time and date to receive your order. Upon arrival, please call the rink or the pro shop to notify an employee that you are here to pick up an order. There will still be an invoice attached to the bag that will need an initial or signature to confirm the items you had received.

Sizing for equipment, apparel, and uniforms

                Sizing is a very important part of purchasing an item from equipment to jerseys. We want to ensure that you are confident in the size you want to purchase/order. Before you arrive to size your child for the item you are looking to purchase, please have 2 or 3 sizes you would like to try on to give us a chance to be prepared. If you are unsure of what sizes you would like to try on for jerseys and warmups, the specs and dimensions can be found on our website for the desired apparel item. Just like the skate sharpening, you will have to set up an appointment for sizing by emailing the manager at Upon arrival, please call the rink at 610-458-9160 to notify an employee if you are not met right away. From there, the sizes you requested will be brought out to you to try on. If you are sizing for jerseys, please have your chest pads with you to help keep the sizing authentic. Same would go for the pant shell that go over the hockey pants, have your hockey pants with you to accurately size your child. Once you are confident with the size you would like to order, go to our website at to place your order. If we have the size you are looking for with shells or equipment, the purchase can be made then and there.

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